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Why Yodda?

Patients see hospitals as a transactional relationship, they go, get whatever they need done, and forget about the hospital after that.


Yodda provides a way of doing things that make the hospital relevant to the patient after they finish their time there.


It builds trust and adds a recall factor in the patient’s mind.


There are multiple ways to implement Yodda’s services into your core offerings.

Who are we?
And why should you trust us?

Having spent thirty years in the corporate world, Tarun embarked on the Yodda journey after losing both of his parents to critical illnesses. As he had time to reflect on his losses, Tarun realized the importance of a strong support system during one’s golden years, and how no child should have to worry about their parents during their absence due to personal or professional commitments. Watch the video to learn more about how Yodda was born.

You can read the full story here


Better Lifetime Value

Revenue generated by a patient stops when the patient leaves the hospital. Yodda allows hospitals to remain connected with patients and offer post hospitalisation services leading to recurring revenue. This results in higher lifetime revenue per customer.

Greater Brand Loyalty

Hospitals can increase their brand loyalty by offering these new services which create the image of an end-to-end caregiver in the patient’s mind. This also reinforces the brand by creating multiple touchpoints that remain inaccessible post-hospitalisation.

New Capability Development

Yodda allows hospitals to add new high-value capabilities like emergency management & chaperoning services without adding any operational responsibilities. It also enables hospitals in providing allied offerings that intertwine closely with their core medical offering.

Since Yodda manages end-to-end service delivery of eldercare, hospitals need minimal investment to offer these services to existing patients. This creates opportunities to generate more revenue without adding significant cost.

Revenue Models


Hospitals can choose to offer Yodda's services under their umbrella of services and brand it as their own product. In this case, the hospital will pay Yodda a fixed amount for each and offer it to their customers at the markup they see fit.


Hospitals can create a link between their patients and Yodda, this could include sharing their contact information or introducing us while they are in the hospital's care. The hospital will receive a fixed percentage from the plan amount.