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Emergency Moderator

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Job Type


Roles & Responsibilities


1. Good communication skills - their primary job role is to attend calls with elders and their family members in times of emergency in an attempt to calm them down and effectively delegate tasks to the team.

2. Good technological and research skills - their secondary job responsibilities include data massaging, data validation, and data research, which will involve using online and physical resources to find relevant information and feeding it into a console. 

3. Ability to multitask - in order to effectively handle the emergency, they will have to be quick on their feet to claim the emergency, join the war room, follow a strict flow and corresponding script in the moment, all while analysing data about the elder and the situation.

4. Open to learn - to succeed in this role, the individual will have to be open to undergo meticulous training. This will involve system usage, operational training, basic first aid studies, and research mechanisms. They must be open to conducting numerous dry runs, making observations, going through study material and handling data & content. 

5. Empathy - since they will primarily be working with senior citizens and their families & loved ones in tough situations, they  must demonstrate empathy and be able to tackle the situation gently. They must delegate tasks, but they cannot be too strict/stern. On the flip side, the operational elements on Yodda Enable are limited, and the moderators cannot become too emotionally involved.

6. Data Handling - the moderators must be able to generate and organise reports from the system and have skills associated with data entry, including attention to detail, fast typing speeds, etc. 

7. Commitment and Dedication - emergencies can arise at any time, day or night. They must be accepting of this fact and willing to work as and when they are required, decided by a predetermined roster.

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