Use of Services


To access a comprehensive list of services and pricing, users must register with Yodda. They must be above the age of 18. They must submit personal information about themselves and their family members including, but not limited to, names, mobile numbers, addresses, medical information, geographical information, and valid payment methods. Users will be asked to verify their details through the use of a verification code. Once a payment has been received by Yodda, users are classified as account holders. Failure to maintain up to date information or providing inaccurate information may lead to termination of their accounts and/or services.


Yodda does not share user personal information to third-parties during the registration process. Once registration is complete and the user is an account holder with Yodda, Yodda can share relevant information to third-parties to provide all requested services.


Users and their family members must agree to receive regular phone calls, WhatsApp/SMS and email communication, to learn about ongoing and/or future promotions and receive other marketing material from Yodda, unless they have specifically emailed us requesting otherwise. All promotions are to be used by intended audiences only and in a lawful manner. Certain promotions may only be attained via certain conditions. Yodda reserves the right to withhold benefits if the requested criteria have not been met.


Users are responsible for having data and carrier services to be able to avail services.




To obtain services from Yodda, users are required to pay for one of the  monthly, quarterly, or annual plans. Prices displayed are not inclusive of applicable taxes and payment gateway charges. Users may request a refund for the annual plan for up to one month after purchase.


To avail services, users will have to pay the charges for a service provided by a third-party organization. These charges are due immediately and are non-refundable. Invoices will be generated and sent to users on their registered email address.  Yodda does not use any money from the expense account/emergency fund for gratuity. Yodda helps facilitate these transactions using their expense management system. Users or their family members are responsible in ensuring their expense wallet has a sufficient amount of funds at all times. In the event that Yodda has paid a service provider on the users’ behalf, the user must pay Yodda back within 24 hours.


Upon termination of Yodda’s services, unused money that users have in their expense and emergency account will be refunded into the bank account that it was received by.


Refunds & Cancellation


Users who have subscribed to an annual plan can submit request for cancellation within 30 days of payment. Refunds for such users will be made within 30 days from request of cancellation.


All refunds will be made through the original mode of payment.


All inclusions are subject to change without prior notice. 

All medical inclusions may be availed through Yodda's panel doctors and medical service providers only. If users choose to utilise their own service providers, they must pay any price difference that occurs through their expense fund. 

Health check-up inclusions vary between plans. The Emergency plan includes a health check-up worth INR 1,000 whereas the Health plan includes a health check-up worth INR 2,250. If a user has an 'Emergency + Health' or 'Comprehensive' plan, they may only avail the health check-up worth INR 2,250.

All ambulance services, including cardiac ambulances, are subject to availability. Yodda will incur the cost of an ambulance only if the user's insurance provider does not cover it first. Yodda will incur the cost of an ambulance only up to INR 3,500, after which any difference will be paid from the user's emergency fund. Yodda will only incur the cost of a one-way ambulance to the hospital.

Unused inclusions will not carry over to a user's plan once it has been renewed or upgraded. User's will get a fresh set of inclusions depending on those available with their most recent plan. 

Yodda will incur the cost of physiotherapy appointments only up to INR 750, after which any difference will be paid from the user's expense fund. 

Disclaimers & Liabilities


Services are provided as they are mentioned, and as they are available. Yodda makes no guarantee on the reliability, timeliness, quality, or availability of services by them, or a third-party organization. Risk of using the services lies with the user, to the maximum extent permitted under applicable law.


In the case of an emergency, Yodda will handle the emergency to their best efforts.


Yodda is not responsible for any damages, injuries, or death caused to Users. Users cannot hold Yodda, or any of its employees, responsible in the event of the afore mentioned.