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The new age solution

to the old age problem

How do I take care
of my parents?

One-tap to stay connected with their support system and stay safe, secure

and comfortable in their old age.


Yodda Enable for elders.


Yodda Angel for the ones who care about them.

Trigger emergencies seamlessly

Ask for help at the click of a button

Get immediate alerts & notifications all in one ecosystem

Help your elderly loved ones set up their apps with utmost ease

Yodda Alerts


Caring for your parents has
never been easier


Yodda Enable allows everyone to come together on one platform which is dedicated to making sure the elder can contact their entire support system when they require assistance.


Moderated emergency video calls, live location tracking and helpful emergency content. Co-ordinating daily tasks and emergencies with the rest of the support network has just become a whole lot easier. 


Emergencies arise when we least expect them. Using Yodda Enable to alert your contacts ensures that no situation goes missed and that everyone is well-equipped to handle them.

Yodda - Caring your parents

What's your

Raising an emergency notifies

all of your team members.

Never again should you worry about the logistical challenges of an emergency. Every emergency contact will be notified & well-prepared, and if that wasn't enough - a Yodda moderator is always on hand to guide everyone in the right direction.


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Feel the difference Yodda Enable makes...

Without Yodda Enable​ 

  • You hope that the elder is with someone or that they are able to call someone.

  • If someone is notified, they scramble to the last known location while trying to alert others. Everybody is in a state of shock and panic.

  • No one takes charge of the situation, leading to inefficient co-ordination.

  • There is haphazard communication as you try to communicate with many people at once. These are critical minutes in an emergency.

  • They reach the hospital and don’t have important documents and vital medical information.

  • They run around for this paperwork, wasting critical time.

  • The elder is finally admitted to the hospital.

With Yodda Enable

  • If an emergency arises, the elder, spouse, or caretaker can press the emergency button.

  • All emergency contacts are notified immediately via a loud alarm on Yodda Angel indicating the urgency of the situation.

  • Yodda's emergency moderator facilitates everyone down the right track.

  • Everyone is on the same video call with the known live location ensuring efficient communication and coordination.

  • They reach the hospital with all documents and details consolidated in one place. 

  • The loved ones who are far away are notified regularly through the Angel app.

  • The elder is admitted as soon as possible.

12-15 minutes saved
10-12 minutes saved
5-7 minutes saved
5-10 minutes saved
30-45 minutes saved
Approximate time saved in an emergency
What would you rather have?
These values are only estimations of how much time you could save using Yodda Enable, in reality these times may vary beyond the estimated bounds

The Yodda Experience

Curated content and events for elders

Everyone likes a good read with their morning cup of tea & it is choices galore for our elders on the app. Our exciting selection of articles can cater to a range of preferences our elders may have, whether they want to read about the benefits of meditation on the mind or an interesting research study on the best ways to stay active in old age.

Yodda Community


Yodda Community

We want our users to enjoy the benefits of being a part of this elder community, where they can interact with like-minded others at events together. Whether they choose to partake in morning yoga sessions together or attend a karaoke night, there are plenty of opportunities for our elders to make friends and stay engaged! 


Yodda Community

From helpful & detailed emergency management tips to the best ways to cope with chronic ailments, there is a never-ending list of curated content for our users to binge on. These videos can keep you entertained for hours and provide insight into how to stay calm and collected in serious times.


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