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Revolutionising Safety, Wellbeing, and Peace of Mind

with the power of professional care and your community!

Whether for yourself, or a parent, grandparent, sibling, child, neighbour, coworker or friend, ensure protection with Yodda EnablePlus.

Stay close to your loved ones,
no matter the distance.

Our expertise in emergency management, now available for all.

Trigger emergencies seamlessly

Ask for help at the click of a button

Get immediate alerts & notifications all in one ecosystem

Set up your entire family with utmost ease

Yodda Enable

"What's your

Never again worry about the logistical challenges of an emergency.

Raising an emergency instantly notifies all of your team members and ensures that they are equipped and well-prepared via carefully-crafted features.


If that wasn't enough - a trained Yodda moderator is always on hand to guide everyone in the right direction.


Safety in the 21st Century

There are often times where you may get into situations where you may feel unsafe or uncertain. Life is unpredictable.

With EnablePlus in your back pocket, you're prepared to call for help to those you trust and care about the most.


One-Tap Service and Emergency Requests


Real-Time Location Tracking


Consolidated Medical/Insurance/KYC Information

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Silent Alarms


Personalised Emergency QR Codes


Helpful Emergency Content and Validated SOS Information 

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Feel the difference Yodda EnablePlus makes...

Without Yodda EnablePlus..​ 

  • You hope that you are with someone or able to reach someone in good time.

  • If someone is notified, they scramble to your last known location while trying to alert others. Everybody is in a state of shock and panic.

  • No one takes charge of the situation, leading to inefficient co-ordination and role confusion.

  • There is haphazard communication as they try to communicate with many people at once. You lose critical minutes in the emergency.

  • You reach the emergency authorities and don’t have important documents, such as medical or identification information.

  • Everyone runs around for this paperwork, wasting crucial time, without any guarantee. 

  • The situation is finally in control.

With Yodda EnablePlus..

  • If an emergency arises, you can simply press the emergency button.

  • All emergency contacts are notified immediately via a loud alarm and multiple communication channels indicating the urgency of the situation.

  • Yodda's emergency moderator delegates tasks and guides everyone down the right track.

  • Everyone is on the same video call with the current live location ensuring efficient communication and coordination.

  • You reach the emergency authorities with all documents and details consolidated in one place. 

  • Any loved ones who are far away are notified regularly with any updates and developments.

  • The situation is under control as soon as possible!

12-15 minutes saved
10-12 minutes saved
5-7 minutes saved
5-10 minutes saved
30-45 minutes saved
Approximate time saved in an emergency
What would you rather have?
These values are only estimations of how much time you could save using Yodda Enable, in reality these times may vary beyond the estimated bounds
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