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Travel and Vacation Planning

We can plan and accompany you on your travels, and arrange group trips for all the seniors on our platform!

Wellbeing Calls

We make sure to check up on our parents everyday


The backbone of our operation. Ensuring safety and security as well as a calm head in any critical situations.

Health Record Digitalisation

Streamlining medical histories digitally, we ensure easy access for both you and your family, simplifying healthcare management while keeping all the data secure.

Banking Liaising Services

Assisting with banking needs, we simplify the process, ensuring your elderly family members have effortless financial interactions.

Appliance & Gadget Repair

Addressing technical issues, we keep your loved ones' appliances running smoothly, freeing both of you from tech-stress.

Recreational Activities

Organizing engaging activities, we make sure your loved ones stay active and entertained, while you know they’re enjoying quality time.

Bill Payments

We oversee and manage bills, ensuring everything's paid on time, offering both you and your elders seamless financial peace of mind.

Claims & Insurance Management

Navigating insurance, we ensure your family receives entitled benefits, and you are confident in their coverage.

Legal Services

Guiding through legal intricacies, we assist in ensuring your family's rights and wishes are respected, offering you legal clarity through our network of reliable lawyers.

Consumer Goods Services

Delivering quality products, we make sure your family enjoys the best, while you remain assured of their contentment.

Vaccination & Booster Support

Coordinating vaccinations, we ensure timely and safe inoculation for your loved ones, offering you peace with their protected health.

24/7 Emergency Response & Assistance

Our most essential service. Ensuring immediate, critical care around the clock.

Diagnostic Services

Offering meticulous medical tests, we give clarity and peace for you and your family, ensuring everyone understands health conditions and needs.

Home Maintainence & Repairs

We ensure your family’s home remains in top condition, addressing repairs timely so you can rest easy about their surroundings.

Utilities & Insurance Payments

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Medicine Delivery

Delivering essential medications, we ensure your loved ones never miss a dose, keeping both you and them worry-free.

Nursing & Caregiving Services

Providing compassionate care, our team looks for the right person to look after your dear ones for longer periods, ensuring you of their well-being and comfort every day.

Ambulance Co-ordination

Providing prompt medical transport, we arrange swift response for your family's emergencies, ensuring your peace and their safety.

Religious Services

Coordinating spiritual engagements, we ensure your family members stay connected to their faith, while you have peace of mind.

Grooming Services

By arranging the haircuts and salon days that they are comfortable with, we ensure your loved ones feel and look their best, reflecting the care they receive.

Shipping & Courier Services

Efficiently handling parcels and deliveries, we ensure timely and safe receipt, making both your and their lives a bit easier.

Medical Equipment Rentals

Providing essential medical equipment on rent, we ensure your family has what they need, without long-term commitments, keeping everyone at ease.

Chaperoning Services

We accompany your loved ones on outings, guaranteeing their safety and giving you the comfort of knowing they’re in caring hands.

Home &
Virtual Doctor Consultations

Bridging medical advice and home comfort, we ensure you and your family always have expert health guidance at your fingertips.

Grocery & Shopping Services

Handling all shopping needs, we bring essential goods right to your doorstep, ensuring both you and your family experience ease and convenience.

Doctor & Specialist Appointments

Facilitating health consultations, we bridge the gap between your loved ones and medical experts, making healthcare stress-free for the entire family.

Doorstep Assistance & Co-ordination

Offering direct assistance at home, we ensure comfort and security for your loved ones, giving you absolute peace of mind.

Personalised Nutrition & Diet Plans

Tailoring nutrition, we keep your loved ones’ health in check, ensuring both you and they have dietary peace of mind.

Laundry & Dry-Cleaning Services

Taking care of laundry, we arrange laundry & dry-cleaning for your elders, easing your worries about daily chores.

Administrative Services

Streamlining paperwork and tasks, we handle the intricacies so your family can enjoy simplicity, and you remain worry-free.

Transport Services

Facilitating safe and comfortable transportation, we make every journey seamless for your family, ensuring you of their safe travels.

Passport & Visa Services

Assisting with travel documentation, we simplify global journeys for your loved ones, ensuring you of hassle-free preparations.

Home Proofing

Reiterating safety, we adapt homes for elderly needs, ensuring they live comfortably, and you have peace about their environment.


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