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Elder Care

Yodda - Aging parents are in professional, caring, and loving hands

I wish I was living in the same city as my parents.


Does that sound like you?

Never again feel helpless, or worried that you’re unable to be with your parents back home.

Instead, take care of them from miles away as if you were right there. While they are in the comfort of their own homes, you can be absolutely certain that your aging parents are in professional, caring, and loving hands. 

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I wish there was someone to look after my parents’ emotional and physical wellbeing.

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I wish I could be at two places at the same time, so that I can look after my parents when they need me the most.

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I wish I could play an active role in giving my parents a happy, easy and carefree life.

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Does that sound like you? Well, here's the thing...

Like you, millions of Indians are living in constant stress about their parents because they’re unable to be physically present with them back home, be it due to professional or personal commitments abroad. Whatever the reasons are, there is no need for you to feel frustrated or anxious about their well-being anymore. 

Why? Because, now you have Yodda.

An exclusive parent care solution that allows your parents to get help and support in the luxury of their own homes. Yodda enables you to be at two places at once, while your parents can get help with one touch of a button. 

“I’m stress-free and worry-free because Yodda is there for my parents with their healthcare facilities”

- Gayathri Subberwal

Why Yodda

Why Yodda?

Yodda - Parent care solution

No need to send your parents to an assisted living facility when facing the difficulties of old age.

Yodda - No need to depend on other people

No need to depend on an informal network of people for help and support anymore.

Yodda - Creating safe, comfortable and engaging lifestyles for elders

No over-reliance on unsupervised caretakers and unorganised & untrained helpers.

Gift your parents the emotional, physical, and logistical support that they need when you are far away!

Who are we?
And why should you trust us?

Having spent thirty years in the corporate world, Tarun embarked on the Yodda journey after losing both of his parents to critical illnesses. As he had time to reflect on his losses, Tarun realized the importance of a strong support system during one’s golden years, and how no child should have to worry about their parents during their absence due to personal or professional commitments. Watch the video to learn more about how Yodda was born.

You can read the full story here

3 reasons that set us apart from other parent care solutions

Army veterans

Professional, empathetic, and skilled army veterans who are

available 24/7 to ensure the health

and safety of your parents

Yodda - Standardized processes and protocols

Standardized processes and


(ISO certifications 9001:2015 & 22320:2018)

Yodda - help is available at the tap of a button


operations where help

is available at the

tap of a button

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Our Services

All encompassing.


Our Emergency Command Centre has the perfect team of well-equipped and calm professionals to guide your parents from

stressful, life-threatening situations to safety.


We provide top-tier healthcare services to ensure your parents’ well-being and comfort in their old age. No matter what they may be going through, our reliable, caring team can help lead your parents to golden health.


Sit back and relax while we take care of every need your parents may have, right from emergency to concierge services. From the mundane to the extraordinary, we are waiting to assist them with it all!

Every need taken care of, immediately!

We are always standing by.

Our state-of-the-art systems combine with the discipline and experience of our army veterans to produce a fundamentally superior service for senior citizens.

How it works
Yodda apps

1 Purpose,
2 Apps

Yodda Entrust for you &

Yodda Care for your parents

Get prompt notifications, seamless & transparent expense management, and help of any kind at the click of a button with our Entrust and Care apps.

No app? No problem! If your parents are uncomfortable with technology, they can simply call our team with their requests.

Tech Highlight
Yodda Care - SOS button on smart watches

Give your parents an


Phones, and smart watches allow

your parents to raise an SOS alert through the Yodda Care App.

Our 24/7 Emergency Command Center receives the distress signal and stays vigilant to handle the situation immediately.  

You can use our SOS feature through a large range of Apple and Android smart watches. Reach out to us to buy any of these devices.

To see the full list of compatible watches, click here.

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Proof is in the action

Hear about how Yodda is easing the lives of parents like yours!

"Every morning and evening Yodda calls me, asking me what they can do for me and if I have any work that needs to be done"

- Mrs. Advani

“We can be sure we're getting good service. All the help we need immediately. Just press a button and get it.”

- Mr. and Mrs. Madan

Take care of your parents where they enjoy living the most:


Get immediate assistance 24/7

Don’t panic in the face of unexpected, stressful circumstances. Day or night,

our emergency command centre

is ready to get any situation

under control in minutes.

Holistic Healthcare

Scheduling and accompanying your

parents to the doctor, getting at-home

tests and medicine deliveries, to

personalised diet plans,

we are here for it all.

Swift fixes for unexpected challenges

Is the A/C not cooling? Or is the tap

leaking? We’ve got you covered.

Our tie-ups with reliable service

providers will have the job

done in a jiffy. 

 Never worry about another bill

payment or tedious errand again!

Standing in line and waiting at the

bank are atrocities of the past - just

sit back and relax.

Ease your parents' everyday lives

Are your parents suffering from

chronic conditions? Do you need

help with something you don’t see

here? Don’t worry - customize your

plan to fit your needs.

Special Care for Special Needs

Paying bills on time, banking work, administrative work at government offices, passport & visa services,

legal or accounting help; don't worry

about any of that.

Seamless Expense Management

What We Offer

Give your parents the professional & reliable services they need to live stress and worry-free!

Plus, answers to the most common questions we get...


Taking care of an aging parent is not one person job. This requires a committed team of people looking after every aspect of their well-being. Yodda offers a holistic network of services and professionals who ensure that your parents always get the highest standard of care. While caretakers are a part of the solution, they are not the solution as a whole.

I already have a caretaker. Why do I need Yodda?


If your parents are experiencing a difficult situation, they can contact us by pressing down on the button in the Yodda Care App, through the smart watch or GPS pendant, or simply by calling our 24/7 Emergency Command Center. Our standard ISO certified SOPs will dictate the appropriate response to effectively manage the situation.

How do my parents seek assistance during an emergency?


Depending on the plan you choose, there are various inclusions of what the plan covers. All other services that are delivered through our service partners are charged at actuals. All transactions will be visible to you on the Yodda Entrust app.

Do you charge additionally for shopping and other tasks?

You have two options:


Close this page and carry on with the way things are. We hope that an emergency never arises and that your parents are comfortable and safe. And if not, that your family members or caregivers reach out to you in times of need.


Have a quick chat with our team and tell us how we can make your parents’ lives stress free. If you like what you hear and trust us to care for your parents, then join us for as long as you’d like.
Or WhatsApp us on

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